JMS logs on topic/queue level.

Hi Experts,

Your help is needed to get logging information on JMS topic/queue.

Is it possible to enable logging information on JMS broker via MWS at topic/queue level? Like when client is picking documents from topic/queue, if it is picking which client, if it is expiring at what timestamps and what message get expired.

Now we are able to see transaction content from client but it is statistics only, we would like to enable entire logging.

JMS Details defined like below on server.

JNDI Provider Alias
JNDI Alias Name JMS_Conn
Description JMS_Conn
Initial Context Factory com.webmethods.jms.naming.WmJmsNamingCtxFactory
Provider URL wmjmsnaming://
Provider URL Failover List
Security Principal wm8user
Security Credentials ******
Other Properties

We are working on 8.2 version, latest fix installed “IS_8.2_SP2_Core_Fix10”.

Kindly let me know if required more information.


Hi Experts,

Please let me know if there is any way to monitor JMS queue.

Is the only way of monitor queue only by document logging on broker or something else also we are having in WM.

Your reply is much appreciated.