JMS: How to set wm classpath, let me count the ways

I want to use the JMS adapter. This requires setting the wm classpath (IS & Broker) to point to various jar files. I want to use the least intrusive method to set classpath. I am aware of the following approaches:

  1. Copy the jar file(s) to [IS]\lib\jars and restart IS
  2. Copy the jar file(s) to broker\lib and restart Broker (and IS ???)
  3. Modify [IS]\bin\server.bat, setting the variable PREPENDCLASSES or APPENDCLASSES
  4. run server.bat -debug 4 -log none \path1\xxx.jar \path2\yyy.jar

I haven’t tried it yet, but approach 4 looks the most flexible.

Am I correct on this?

I forgot the following

  1. set CLASSPATH environment variable