JMS connection to RabbitMQ

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I was able to finally configure webMethods IS to RabbitMQ using JMS with a very simple setup.

Has anyone used a RabbitMQ set up in production with webMethods? What type of RabbitMQ topology have you used?

Hi Chirag,
I’m interested too in connecting IS to RabbitMQ.

Can you please describe how you were able to connect them?

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As per 10.3 docs “Supported JMS Providers”

JMS Provider Version(s)
Apache ActiveMQ 5.4.*
JBoss Messaging 1.4.0 SP3 and higher, up to but not including 2.0
Oracle Streams Advanced
Queuing (AQ)
10.2.*, 11.2.0, and 12.2.0
SonicMQ 7.5 and 7.6
WebLogic 9.1, 9.2, 10.3, and 12.1.3
webMethods Broker 6.5 and higher
webMethods Broker is deprecated.
Software AG Universal
10.3 and higher
WebSphere MQ 6.0, 7.0, and 7.5
IBM MQ 8.0
WebSphere Application

For connecting to RabbitMQ, you have to write custom java service/class by importing rabbitmq-client.jar & amqp-client-5.5.1.jar.

@Chirag Sanghavi,

Can you let us know if you have done the same?

RabbitMQ is not officially supported

Some customers i know have integrated with Rabbit MQ over http.

If you are able to enable JMS connection from IS to RabbitMQ then i think you should be able to do jms publish… JMS trigger still may not work.

I have used JMS to make connection to RabbitMQ. It is still a POC - I haven’t put it into heavy testing or production.

Biggest challenge of connecting to RabbitMQ is that there is no JNDI provider. To solve that - you have build a binding file and use a file as your JNDI.

How does your binding file look like?
How did you import it into Integration Server?

Hi Chirag,

It’s okay for you to proceed with JMS on RabbitMQ. But bear in mind that in the future should you face into any defect or issue, SAG might not provide support to you with patch to fix the problem as it’s not officially supported.

The best is still to request SAG to get the JMS provider certified and officially support, before rolling it out into your production environment.

Hi all,
I’m also using a binding file as the JNDI Provider and we are able to publish and trigger messages with Rabbit MQ.

There is no need to create custom java services.

However I agree that Rabbit MQ should be certified as now it is not even officially supported.

I used this a guide to configure RabbitMQ binding.

Hi …

Could you please provide me steps how to create binding file and JNDI Provider Alias details for Initial Context Factory
Provider URL

Hi All,

I tried to do POC to connect webMethods to RabbitMQ via JMS.

  1. Using IS 10.3
  2. Kept the jar files and restarted IS
  3. Provided .bindings file
  4. While creating JMS Connection alias, what should be the “Connection Factory Lookup Name” ?

Hi Team,

Any update please?