JMS Adapter 42

Has anybody connected using the JMS Adapter 4.2 to Sonic MQ version 4.02 or version 5.0. As I understand Webmethods only support connecting to version 3.5.
We have tried configuring to connect to ver 5.0, but have been unsuccessful. We get an error message of Class not found, but because we don’t know which required jars to enter in the class description for version 5.0 it is a bit difficult to sort out.
We have never used the JMS adapter before and because of external requirements need to use either ver SonicMQ 4.02 or 5.
I am aware that there is a new release of the JMS Adapter which supports 5.0, but do not wish to upgrade if it can be avoided.

Many Thanks in advance for any thoughts ideas that may help us with this issue


The “Platform Support” section of the webMethods JMS Adapter 6.1 release notes contains the following:

Remember, documentation for all webMethods products, adapters and solutions can be found in the Bookshelf section on webMethods Advantage.


As you can see, webMethods provides an adapter that supports SonicMQ v5 that will work with IS 6.01 SP2 or higher. I, for one, would prefer that WM focus on rolling out new 6.x versions of its adapters and not spend much time or energy making older adapter versions support new versions of vendor products.

The 6.x ART provides a number of significant benefits over the older architecture such as improved connection pooling, consistent logging, major performance improvements in many cases and the ability to build adapter services in Developer instead of generating Flow services from Administrator.

If you really can’t upgrade to WM 6, consider building your JMS connectivity as Java services that use client code that works with SonicMQ v5 rather than asking WM to provide upgrades to an older adapter version.


Thanks for your suggestions and help.

We have decided to upgrade to JMS Adapter 6.1
I agree with your comments on rolling out new versions rather than make older ones compatible.

Many thanks again for your comments

Does WM 6.0.1 SP2 support Sonic V6.0. I am running an eval version of Sonic MQ broker and trying to make connection to Sonic MQ context registered through JNDI. I am able to create a JMS Queue Connection successfully but when I create an Adapter service to invoke the queue connection factory to send a message to the queue (jms destination), it bombs giving me the exception as below, [ART.117.4002] Adapter Runtime (Adapter Service): Unable to invoke adapter service Armstrong.Utils:SendMsgToSonic.
[ART.114.505] Error while invoking adapter service com.wm.adapter.wmjms.service.WmJMSSend.






These are the connection properties setup for the jms queue connection config:

JNDI Initial Context Factory: com.sonicsw.jndi.mfcontext.MFContextFactory
JNDI Provider URL: tcp://localhost:2506
JNDI Security Principal
JNDI Security Credentials
JNDI Other Properties: connectId=<connect ID I am suing for this conn factory)
QueueConnectionFactory JNDI Name: <jndi>
JMS user: <username>
JMS password : <password>
Retype JMS password

Any input would be great!


Hi i am trying to send message to Destionation Queue i used WmJBoss/JBoss/pub/JMS/sendToQueue service its throughing these errors MBeanException: Exception in MBean operation ‘sendToQueue(,java.lang.String,java.lang.String,java.lang.String,boolean,int,’
Cause: javax.jms.JMSSecurityException: Connection not authorized to addMessages to destination: testQ

Note : We are using JMS in WMJBoss

Plz anybody can help me .


I am trying hard to configure JMS adapter with webSphere MQ 5.3.
IS version is 6.1.
i have posted the query on the following link :

I am having problem while creating connections in the JMS adapter.
Please help me regarding creating JMS JNDI bindings for MQ 5.3.

Is there any configuration required MQ side?

Thought this would be the relevant thread for the same.
I would appreciate if anyone would help me out.