JMS Adapter 4.2

Has anybody connected using the JMS Adapter 4.2 to Sonic MQ version 4.02 or version 5.0. As I understand Webmethods only support connecting to version 3.5.
We have tried configuring to connect to ver 5.0, but have been unsuccessful. We get an error message of Class not found, but because we don’t know which required jars to enter in the class description for version 5.0 it is a bit difficult to sort out.
We have never used the JMS adapter before and because of external requirements need to use either ver SonicMQ 4.02 or 5.
I am aware that there is a new release of the JMS Adapter which supports 5.0, but do not wish to upgrade if it can be avoided.

Many Thanks in advance for any thoughts ideas that may help us with this issue