JIRA Server Migration Simplified with webMethods

Product retirement is an inevitable phase in the software lifecycle, bringing a significant overhead to the migration journey. As businesses, we are left with no choice but to seamlessly migrate our existing artifacts to a new platform.

Atlassian Server Platform Retirement

The recent announcement by Atlassian signals the retirement of their server platform products, including the JIRA Server Platform. According to their official statement, all server products will cease to receive official support, including security fixes, technical support, and bug fixes – effective from 15th Feb 2024. With just a month left, it’s imperative to plan your migration activities promptly to ensure business continuity.

webMethods Connectors for JIRA migration

Fear not! We, at webMethods, understand the challenges this transition poses. Our webMethods platform offers robust integration connectors specifically designed for JIRA Server and JIRA Cloud platforms. Utilizing these connectors empowers you to seamlessly move all your assets in accordance with your business plan. Additionally, our platform hosts various connectors that can be employed to migrate assets from the JIRA Server to any other platforms, catering to your specific needs.

Plan your JIRA Server migration early to avoid last-minute chaos!

Take Action Now

Ready to simplify your migration journey? Explore our webMethods Connector for JIRA Server Platform and webMethods Connector for JIRA Cloud. For further insights into Atlassian’s product retirement and your journey to the cloud, refer to Atlassian’s Migration Guide.

Don’t let the sunset catch you off guard – act now to ensure a smooth transition!


wM Connector for JIRA Server Platform
wM Connector for JIRA Cloud
Atlassian Product Retirement

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