Jenkins & ABE | not able to create build

Hello All

We are trying to setup CICD using jenkins & ABE for on of our servers. Below are the ant targets invoked from jenkins in runtime -

  1. CheckOut → works fine, able to checkout from git repo to wM directory (/wmadm/webMethods6500/IntegrationServer/instances/default/packages/WmDeployer/config/repository)
  2. CreateProject → doesn’t work, repository in deployer directory is created when the build now is initiated from jenkins console but the build is not created.
  3. DeployProject → fails because of below error -
    DEP.0100.-999] Service Error [DEP.0002.0148] No such deployment candidate myDeploymentCandidate found in project CI_POC_Project. Delete and recreate the deployment candidate.

Attached the jenkins console output, projectautomator xml, build xml & build property files for reference.

IS version : 9.8
Jenkins version : 2.59

Appreciate any guidance/help to understand what is missing.


ABE (9.44 KB)
JenkinsConsoleOP.txt (16 KB)