JDE XPI for webMethods 601

Hi, Anyone have any idea about Enterprise XPI OneWorld Adapter for webMethods 6.0.1. i have installed JDE XPI Oneworld Adapter. Kernal.jar and connector.jar is also available in classpath. How do i go about configuring in webMethods? since there is no seperate adapter configuration tool in IS 6.0.1. when i log in as Administrator i see only JDBC Adapte under Adpters . kindly help me.Thanks in advance.

I don’t believe that there is an XPI adapter for webMethods 6. You said you installed the Enterprise XPI adapter, which implies that it was developed for webMethods Enterprise 5 (or earlier). You need to have the earlier webMethods tools to configure the adapter - specifically, you need Adapter Manager to set up the adapter and Enterprise Integration to write code. An Enterprise Adapter needs to connect to a Broker, so make sure you have your webMethods 6 Broker configured and running. You’ll be able to write code that publishes and receives Broker documents, which can in turn be used to communicate with webMethods 6 IS code.

Thanks for your quick reply. However, I am not having webMethods 5.0 available for my project. Is there any direct way to connect the One World and webMethods 6.0? Please give me the steps after installing XPI Oneworld Adapter. Do i need to set anyother parameters in any of the configuration file ?

There’s no way that I know of without using the 4.x/5.x tools. You can call webMethods support and ask them if they know of a way to do it without those tools.

Please note that you don’t need to install the actual 5.0 Broker - you can still configure the tools to connect to 6.0 Brokers. You just need the older tools because the 6.0 platform doesn’t include any tools for configuring older adapters (like the JDE XIP Enterprise adapter).