JDBC vs Oracle Adapter


Can you tell me why do some companies shell out money on Oracle Adapter to connect to a Oracle database, when they can do the same work by using JDBC Adapters (which is free).

Is there any significant advantage of Oracle Adapters over JDBC Adapters to connect to Oracle databsae?


The Oracle adapter is for the Oracle suite of financial and ERP applications, not the Oracle database.


Hi Sunny

The Oracle Adapter is for connecting to Oracle Applications which is an ERP Application and not the Oracle Database


In addition to what Mark/Jeevan mentioned, I’d say that when most people buy the Oracle Apps adapter, they are not so much getting it because of the adapter itself but because of the Predefined Transaction services that you can get with the adapter.

The Predefined Transactions services are simply flow services that webMethods developed, which use the Oracle Apps adapter to perform some very common transactions on the different Oracle ERP modules, such as Financials, Human Resources, Order Management, etc.

If you tried to use the JDBC adapter to do all this, yes, you could get it done. HOWEVER, you would end up doing a lot of work that is already implemented.

As the experts replied above, I can add some points:

  1. webMethods Oracle App Adapter can support only several limited version of Oracle ERP with predefined transactions
  2. Even if the version of the Oracle ERP you are using is supported by webMethods Oracle App adapter, your ERP instance should not have been customized. Or, the predefined transactions will not work properly.

So, if you have an Oracle ERP that has been customized, you should pay attention to the customization that will affect webMethods Oracle App Adapter.

In some customer cases, they are really using JDBC connection to do some simple transactions.

Am I right?

Hi All,

Based on experience, Advantage of OA is

  • Oracle Applications Adapter uses SQL trees to build and run outbound (Oracle App to IS) transaction definitions. SQL trees are hierarchical SQL statements that the adapter executes at runtime to retrieve data from an Oracle Applications system and to store the data in a hierarchical format that is easily accessible in integration flows

  • SQL trees enable the adapter to collect data from separate tables and to place (join) the results in a hierarchical structure rather than in a standard result set.

It is very difficult Framing SQL Tree in JDBC Adapter.