jdbc type for XML

i’m using Webmethods 7.1.2 (Developer) to create JDBC adapter. Database is MSSQL. The datatype of the db column is “XML”.

It appears none of the existing JDBC type works for “XML” data type. I tried LONGVARCHAR, etc. None of them works.

Is XML data type supported ?

I have same problem using the WmDB package , could you please fwd me if you have any solution for it

If you require good XML handling, try the option to use Tamino XML database and the tamino adapter on IS. Performance test where awesome.

For SQL Server no idea, I haven’t play with that TOY :smiley:

According to an MSDN entry about advanced data types, XML columns are compatible with LONGVARCHAR and other types, such as CLOB. What is the error you’re seeing? I assume you’re using a SQL Server specific JDBC driver.

Also, if this is new code you may want to strongly consider using the JDBC adapter and avoiding the WmDB package.