JDBC polling notification issue - webmethods

Hello Team…
This is Arun…!!

So, i am facing this issue while turning to enable in the JDBC pooling notification.
[ART.116.3038] Adapter Runtime (Notification): Error in Notification Callback:enableCallback notification myTraining.adaptersNotification.notificationUpdate:continentsData. [ADA.1.114] The database objects for “myTraining.adaptersNotification.notificationUpdate:continentsData” notification already exist. You can delete the objects and try enabling the notification again. To delete the existing database objects use the “pub.pollingNotificationUtils:dropDatabaseObjects” service.

webMethods version 10.11

can you please help me with this issue

Did you follow the steps given in error itself, its likely that the user you are using doesnt have delete privilige. Please go to database and delete trigger and buffer table manually.

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Hi Arun,

usually a polling notification consists of three database objects (check the server.log and/or error log for the exact names of them):

  • BufferTable
  • Trigger
  • Sequence

Remember do delete all of them if they do not get deleted automatically when disabling the Notification in the JDBC Adapter UI.

See IS Built-In-Services Reference (section ART package) for further informations about the mentioned service.


This is one of the reasons I usually advocate for using “Basic Notifications” and not the insert, update, delete specific notifications.

While it seems convenient for the notification to fully manage the DB objects, there are constraints to consider: Search the forums for “basic notification” to see the discussions in the past about the options and pros/cons. I would strongly suggest always using basic notifications.