JDBC Jar Files for webMethods9.12

Hello Experts,
Could you please guide me in choosing the JDBC thin driver jars for webMethodsV9.12 supporting Oracle11g

Thanks in advance.

Hi Lavanya,

there are two options:

You can use the DataDirect Driver Jar which has been shipped with webMethods.
It is located under common/lib/ext/dd-cjdbc.jar.
This one will be used by the webMethods products internally and is also available for us with the WmJDBCAdapter pacakge.

On the other side you can chosse Jars provided by Oracle TechNet (OTN) which requires a free registration there.
You can either use ojdbc7.jar for JDBC Driver or from JDBC Driver or the ojdbc8.jar from JDBC Driver
The number in the jar file name indicate the minimum java version it will work with.
Place one of these Jars under IntegrationSever/instances//packages/WmJDBCAdapter/code/jars/ and reload the package WmJDBCAdapter in the IS Admin UI before trying to configue any connection.

Which Version of JDBC Adapter are you using?


Thankyou Holger,
Issue got resolved.