JDBC : HowTo Configure default date format ?


I am using JDBC adapters for insertions into an Oracle 9 database on solaris 8.

There is a default date format without time when inserting a java.util.Date with the adapters.

I want to change this default format to include time (+ ‘HH:mm:ss’).
Maybe with the NLS_DATE_FORMAT env variable for Oracle ?
If so then is it possible to configure the WM JDBC Adapter to set this parameter at startup ? like for Weblogic …

I mean : where can i add this sql ?
alter session set NLS_DATE_FORMAT=‘DD/MM/YYYY HH24:MI:SS’;

Any other solution is welcome !


Review JDBC_6-0-3_FP1_Fix14_readme.txt on Advantage to see if it applies to the behavior you’re seeing. The Oracle driver changed how timestamps are handled between 8.1.7 and A patch was provided for the adapter to support specifying additional adapter properties such as connectionProperties={oracle.jdbc.V8Compatible=true}.


I will patch the adapter with JDBC_6-0-3_FP1_Fix4 (not 14).

From advantage :

"There is a JDBC adapter fix (JDBC_6-0-3_FP1_Fix4) which allows you to set this property. Apply this fix and add the following in the “other properties”:
Then the insert will work fine. "

java.util.Date worked well with oracle 8 but oracle 9 uses Timestamp …

This is just theory at this point.


Thanks Fanilo!! for the update…your comments will certainly help everyone in right direction who ever face the same issue …Well with 10g dates also uses timestamp…


Fix14 supercedes Fix4, so I think Fix4 is no longer available as a separate download.