JDBC error while calling wmtndocxmlrouteXml


The problem is seeing on SQL Server too…

Its the problem with the length defined for the field in table. So what ever the database it is, its going to error out.

We are going to resize our BIZDOC table’s DOCID field to be greater than 24 bytes.

We are going to resize our BIZDOC table’s DOCID field to be greater than 24 bytes.

we are going to try increasing column length in a Dev database and see.

ANyone have updates on when webM expects a fix?

from a colleague - “webM support says they hope to have a fix before 7:00 PM EST”

Hey Guys,

What is the table name in which webMethods stores the Document ID ?


This is a wM bug. If you move one day back it works fine. WM will provide fix for it soon.

as per my esteemed colleague who is still on the phone with support - “webM support also says that db changes will not be necessary - looks like they are fixing the ID generation algorithm - as they should”

Yes, BIZDOC is 24 characters. WM has confirmed that you’re hitting 25 characters now.

Ask yourself this. Even if your solution to extend the field a few characters works, will your Business Users/ Project Managers let you put a non-vendor supported fix into production?
Not everyone can pass that test, you may want to wait on a vendor supported fix. CYA


The table name is bizdoc, the column is document id.

I think the jar file would be updated to fix the bug

That’s very true. I am agree with RandyB1.

But if you are at development/testing stage, then I would suggest its better to modify the database column size and resume your development work instead of just waiting for the fix from Wm guys.

I am totally agree that client won’t support such a temporary solution in production which is not supported by the vendor.

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any update from outside the USA???

as Fan mentions, it works if you move the date back - thats what webM says - ONLY to continue development. They are still working on the fix, and should have it soon.

Anyone aware of users in Europe/Asia - is it based on GMT or local time?

Word is that there will be a fix in the next 1/2 hour… or so. I’m unsure if that means a tested fix, or just a fix.
They are saying it will NOT be a DB fix, but an IS fix.

You might want to hold off on the db modifications

We have to stick and wait for the WM support fix,increasing the column size as a temporary fix is not a wise resolution…

I agree with Randy,

you are right, Randy - my curoisity was only to find a workaround - not that we would really put it in Production. We are actually making the change in our Dev environment - so some dependent applications can test. we will reverse it as soon as the fix is available…


Thanks for the information.


How comfortable is everyone that the patch will not generate a key that violates the RI on the db? We have 1.5 million rows in Bizdoc.

Anyone hear if the fix from WM is available?