JDBC Connetion

We have Eploye data 500 records using of jadc connection with “NO-Transection” we are inserting data into a table
300 records insert And failed How to insert Remining data the 200 records ?And How to roll back the the 300 records
how to know this 300 records are inserted ? please explain ?

Are you using batch insert template or regular insertSQL template?

Also when you use NO_TRANSACTION you cannot be able to commit/rollback a transaction…you should use the LOCAL_TRANSACTION in the JDBC Adapter connection configuration as type:

In general for start/commit/rollback transactions you need to call WmART services like


Thes need to be called inside a try/catch block in your Flow Service logic.

Please use the keyword search functionality of this forum especially section Flow And Java Services here in the forum…This saves your time and there are tons of threads already discussed on these kind of basics…

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