JDBC batch insert service getting hanged

Hi All,

I have a batch insert JDBC adapter service, when I am calling the sevice from a flow its getting hanged. Volume of record is substantially low (1 to 40 records). I tried to disable the adapter connection but again it hanged too. Even am not able to relaod the package. I don’t see anything wrong in the server log apart from connected to database with Local_Transaction. Now if I call another adapter service (select) using same connection its getting hanged too. I could get rid of it when I forcefully restart the IS but its hanging again when running the service. Also I got this message while starting the server.

[ART.0114.1007E] Adapter Runtime: Error Logged. See Erro
r log for details. Error: [ART.114.13] Adapter Runtime: Error occured while Adap
ter Runtime was loading adapter type “JDBCAdapter”.
[ART.114.9] Adapter Runtime: Error(s)

I am using explicit transactions but couldn’t able to identify the real cause of this problem.
Server details are : IS 6.1 ,JDBC adapter ver 6.0.3 and database Oracle 9

Please let me know your thoughts.