JDBC Adaptor Pooling Notification

I m getting this error when I m trying to enable JDBC Pooling Notifications for Packages.[ART.116.3038] Adapter Runtime (Notification): Error in Notification Callback:enableCallback notification packagename.adapterServices:InsertNotification.[ADA.1.114] The database objects for “packagename.adapterServices:process_InsertNotification” notification already exist. You can delete the objects and try enabling the notification again. To delete the existing database objects use the “pub.pollingNotificationUtils:dropDatabaseObjects” service.

What is this mean, what needs to be done…

thanks in advance.

This error probably a result of you trying to us Automatic notification. If you are not using Autonitification type then porvide more details exaclty what type you using, what DB type, platform etc. If you are using Automatic notification type it will create DB Trigger and buffer table automatically for you and if you disable or remove this notification correctly these objects will be removed from DB. I am guessing in your case you may have once enabled this notification and it may have created DB objects: Trigger and table. Then something hapened to IS and you got your objects left in DB and notification disabled. Now Autonitification does not enable untill you remove this trigger and/or table.
You can try to find and remove these DB objects and then try enabling your Auto notification again.

I encountered the same error as siri0011. I dropped the trigger, buffer table, and sequence from the database and I was able to enable the notification. Thanks for the useful info iandrosov.

This is one of the reasons to avoid the use of automatic notification. Use basic notification instead and have the DB objects managed independently from the state of the adapter notification.

henke.tim: Are you using MSSQL? Where are the trigger/buf table located? Thanks.

I actually was using Oracle. I just used the Oracle SQL Developer GUI to find the triggers and buffer tables.

you can also delete the database objects by calling pub.pollingNotificationUtils:dropDatabaseObjects service and providing your notification name to it.

One point that you should ensure whenever you face this kind of problem is that check if you have defined a package dependency of WmJDBCAdapter package on your package.


Thanks for the quick response. I found my trigger/buf table too. I thought I had the same problem but apparently not. After I created a update notification I was unable to save it. The error “notification must be disabled”, but it’s always disabled until you enable it. After closing it without saving, I was unable to delete it unless I restarted IS. After deleting I still couldn’t create a new notification.

If I connect Developer to another IS but back to the same DB it works, which suggests that the problem is not in DB itself.

I found [IS]\packages\WmJDBCAdapter\config\clusterProperties.cnf containing all notifications. I delete what I created and still no help.


  1. Does IS save anything else besides trigger, buf table, and clusterProperties.cnf?

  2. How to restore IS to its clean state?

Any suggestion from anyone?