JDBC Adapters problem

We use the webMethods Integration Suite with version 9.9
We encounter difficulties when we use JDBC adapters with Oracle 11G. We use the odjbc6 driver.

We have trouble using the adapters in the Designer,and I can’t create JDBC adapter with select templet and the where tag can’t add any parameter as the input field.

The error log:

[ART.114.243] Adapter Runtime (Metadata): Failed to run resourceDomainLookupValues service. Details provided in error log.
on tables.columnInfo [Ljava.lang.String;@3a5bcb74

Did you experienced any kind of similar errors ? Any help would be appreciated.


Try recent Oracle jdbc driver.


Not sure if you have updated the ojdbc jars during your upgrade course. Kindly check what is the current ojdbc jar and putting ojdbc6 driver in the correct class-path will help to resolve.

I have put the ojdbc6.jar at /instances/default/packages/WmJDBCAdapter/code/jars,but still have this issue.And I tried to put the lastest JDBC drive(ojdbc7.jar) and restart IS but still can’t fix this issue.

Have you any idea?




what is your JDCB Adapter version and Fix Level?

Latest driver is ojdbc7.jar from Oracle available from OTN.

When placing the jar in the mentioned path reloading the WmJDBCAdapter package should be sufficient to activate the jar.
Remember to remove the old jar (or rename it) before reloading resp. restarting.