Jdbc adapters and connections

hai friends,
it is an real time question.we had established two connections using jdbc adapters.ie connection1 and connection2.now we r using these connections in the flow service.if the transaction using connection1 is a success and the transcation using connection2 is a failure.what happens to the entire transcation whether it will be committed r rollback.The transcation types in both connections are no-transcations.
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Hi Ravi
Are these service (built on the two different connections)refering on the same table in the database. If so there would be an runtime error i guess or ie they do not refere to same table(source) then they will be commited.

Hi Ravi,
ASAIK, irrespective of same table or different tables, in case error occurs after transaction starts(explicitly, using built-in-service;startTransaction), then whole transaction is rolled back.

Puneet Saxena

sorry Ravi, it’s AFAIK…not ASAIK