JDBC Adapter

When we Connected to Database with insert Adapter service we are inserting data At the time Database is Down What happens?
And How to Insert Re mining Data Please Explain Any Services for that Solving the Situation

Hi Reddy,

When you run your adapter service and database is down it will give error like “ART.118.5053] Adapter Runtime (Connection): Unable to get a connection to resource”.

You can’t insert any data when database is down. Can you? Tell your dba team make the database up and then try running your adapter service.


As tanveer said you cannot insert data at down time of database, if database went down in middle of executing insert service, it’s very hard to find about the data got inserted correctly or failed. Going manually is ridiculous, if data is huge.

To solve these type of issue you need to follow best practices that were disscused a lot in this forum like

  1. Code need to be redigned to use batch insert
  2. Use of Start transaction,Commit, end & rollback in coding

Please refer build in service guide & JDBC Adapter documents for more details