JDBC Adapter working as a notifier stops polling the buffer table


We are working on Broker5. WE configured JDBC adapter and
created insert notification configure operation for it. We
are using adapter manager to manage the adapters across the
network. We ran into a problem wherein the adapter was alive
but it was not polling the buffer table. I could see records
in the buffer tables that I created. The adpater was alive
as I could see in the adapter manager. Infact I restarted
the adpater couple of times.
What could have gone wrong with the adapter that it stopped
polling? The polling interval was set to 15 secs.
FInally we had to restart the adapter process to make the
adapter work
Any help in this issue is appreciated


Hi Everybody,
“JDBC Adapter Notifications Not Supported in Clusters”. WmJDBCAdapterUser Guide.pdf(page 48)

I have IS6.1 in cluster, the sol which we thought is using oracle trigger(insert after) to solve our purpose.

Is there any other optimum solution in WM for this problem??

Puneet Saxena