JDBC Adapter Stuck

Hi All:

We are facing problems with the JDBC adapter, for unknown reason when the service is running the JDBC Adapter Stuck and block the database table, when other PC request the same information a timeout happens.

The only way to fix the issue is restarting the Integration Server and I know that this is not a good solution.

We are using IS 6.0.1 and the JDBC Adapter is 6.0.3

We are connecting into Oracle 9i database.

Any of you are facing the same problem? What do you do to fix the issue?

Saludos (Regards),
Genaro Ortega

when u say " had to restart the IS everytime " does that mean u were unable to enable/disable the adapter connection .We had a similar issue before.

Hi srikanth05:

That’s right, we are not able to unable and enable the JDBC adapter because other terminal are using this connection.


Hi Guys,

Is there any update on this issue ?

We also face this issue some times and only way is to kill the session from Oracle.

Is there any other way to handle it at WM end.


Share your JDBC Adapter version and fix levels currently installed.

Its always good to have the latest fix levels installed to avoid such issues.

check with your DBA, which DB code/SP is causing the issue.
Does it lock the table, why it’s running long time?
Once you have answers to these question, you may already know the solution.

can you tell what business logic you are performing as part of DB, also make sure how much time your DB querying is taking DB time, also involve DBA for any assistance.


This happens when sometimes some resource is locked on any table in DB, due to any previous requests.
You might ask your DBA to explicitly free the resource.