JDBC Adapter StoredProcedureWithSignature template REF_CURSOR as input.

Hi All,

We have a requirement like in webMethods through JDBC Adapter we need to invoke a Stored procedure which has input has a REF_CURSOR to it wherein the input is of format Header & Detail list of columns to be provided from webMethods.

In the Stored procedure with signature as REF_CURSOR input we are not able to assign header & detail list of values as input no such option to provide in template.

How we can achieve this through webMethods.

Please help asap


Try using the customSQL or DynamicSQL template and get the SP code from the DB team and you can customize the inputs/args the way you want.

Did you try this route and will this work for you?


Hi Sir,

Thanks for the response.

We have used the Dynamic SQL for this but it accepts only linear records that is single row data.
Here the Detail part is a list and the header linear + details has to be passed at single time to Procedure.

How can this be achieved?


No possible that way as far I know…but you may need to customize the SP inputs (take help from ur SQL person) such a way that wM can handle it via SP script or check with SAG support if they can suggest any alternate way handling via templates.