Handling Oracle reference cursor as output of JDBC adapter service

This article explains the steps to handle the output fields of an adapter service of type ‘stored procedure with signature’ where the field is of type Ref Cursor / OracleCursor.

Step 1

The Output fields of the JDBC type ORACLECURSOR is shown as below in the adapter service configurations


The below screenshot depicts Output tab of the adapter service without the mapping of Output field of type OracleCursor


Step 2

Navigate to ResultSet tab and define the Result Set Index and select the appropriate Result Set Name as shown in the below screenshot


Define the Column Name and map it to the appropriate Result Set Name from the drop down for the respective set it belongs too.


After defining/ configuring the Result Set Index and respective column names, it looks as below



After defining all the Column Names and mapping it to respective Result Set Name of JDBC type OracleCursor , the OracleCursor fields are interpreted as a documentList and final Output of adapter service appears as below


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