JDBC Adapter Notification Services misses column Notify on Change


we are running JDBC Adapter 6.0.3 FP1 on IS platform 6.1 on HP-UX 11.
Database is Oracle on the same OS.

Very often we encounter a problem when creating a Notification Service:
On the tab “SELECT” the column “Notify on Change” for marking which columns should be reported in the Notification Event, is missing.

Sometimes deleting the notification services and recreating helps, sometimes not. Some times a restart of Developer (on W2K) helps, sometimes not.

Anyone out there encountered the same problem and maybe knows a workaround or fix we can request from wM Support?



Even though those columns are disappearing don’t worry those columuns will still be there in the runtime and have the data.

I too faced this same behaviour and did the same way what you have done recreated many times.So finally i got relaxed that when notificationEvent generated the publisable notification document fields(columns) will be available in the runtime and pass the data to subscribing service.

To make sure workin debug with savepipeline in the subscribing service.

But still i am not sure why those columns disappear in the publishable Notification document (ony _env will appear).


Thanks RMG.

We found out that this column is only missing on Insert-Notifications.
On Update-Notifications it is present, but only when using <current-catalog>.<current-schema>.TABLENAME for selecting the table.

Once again thanks for your help.