JDBC Adapter Issue in wM 9.9

I am facing JDBC adapter issue in wM9.9 integration server.

Issues occurs intermittently when select query is invoked. No other adapters has been used this connection.

[ADA.1.316] Cannot execute the SQL statement “select vdate from period”. "
(99999/17009) Closed Statement"
Closed Statement
Connection type

I have configured connection pool minimum pool size is : 0
connection time out: 1000
Connection expire : 1000

Fix Level : IS_9.9 Core_Fix1 & IS_9.9_SPM_Fix1

Andrews GP

I think maximum:10 is too small.
Try 100 first, see if it’s still happening.

connection time out: 1000
Connection expire : 1000

increase both to 30000, 1000 is just one second, sometimes DB will take more than that.

Please share your complete query as part of your JDBC adapter service.



which JBDC Adapter with which Fix-Level are you using?


Hi All,

After increasing the connection expire time to 90000 and JDBC.login.Timeout=90 the problem not occurs again.

What “Tang Wang” told that is correct.

But still need to monitor some more times and confirm back to you guys.

@Holger von Thomsen,

There is no JDBC fix has been applied separately. Do we have any fix for this for 9.9 ?


for JDBC Adapter 9.0 there is currently Fix9 available.

At least Fix8 solved some of the issues which have been discussed in this community in the last weeks.