JDBC Adapter IS 4.6


I’m getting somewhat erratic behaviour out of this adapter - JDBC on Integration Server 4.6, NOT Enterprise.

No matter how you do a execSQL (meaning using dbAlias, giving URL, username, password, db driver) the behaviour, especially on a SELECT (and yes, a plain select without any funny where clause) is erratic - one time it will come back literally in a flash and a blur, and other times it takes up to 15 seconds to come back with a resultset (I’m talking about one or two records, not thousands).

Has anybody else experienced it and maybe got around it?

Any suggestions welcome.


The problem which you are facing might be some of the reasons with connectionobject or else database querying problem (Backend)or else
while executing the select statement the IS server might taking more memory cache while retrieving the results from the database.

Pls check the memory settings on IS server and connection pooling of the particular database you are quering.

This might help you.