JDBC Adapter Download


Is the JDBC adapter is supported on Solaris platform?. wm
support says it is only for Windows.

I have access to download products, But I could not find the link to download this adapter in advantage. Any ideas?.


ya jdbc adapter is not available on download, u can make a service request
for jdbc adapter which is only available for windows and HP unix platform,

i have to devolap jdbc adapter for SQLBase using Webmethods . I am new new to webmethods can any one suggest me some tutorials to read. i have to devolap the adapter so that it can perform services and notifications.



Once you have installed the adapter using the webMethods Installer, you will have a new folder in your Integration Server’s \packages folder named “WmJDBCAdapter”. In the \doc subfolder there will be a JDBC Adapter User’s Guide in PDF format. That guide shows you how to configure adapter services using each service template and also discusses creating notification services.

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