hi i’m using webmethods 7.1 suite.

i need to create an adapter notification in developer 7.1. but i get the information that no adapter is present. i think i need for the adapter notification the jdbc package but there’s no package although i have installed all components with the installer.
in the documentation is only the installation and user guide of the jdbc adapter for version 6.x available which says: The JDBC Adapter is provided as a package called WmJDBCAdapter.

is jdbc depracated for version 7.1 or is there an alternative way to create an adapter notification without the wmjdbcadapter package?
for an update notification on a database table do i need to create a service which controls the entries in a database table, in the manner of counting rows or newly added values every x seconds, if yes what about performance and traffic?

thx for your replies.

If you installed the JDBC adapter, the WmJDBCAdapter package will be present in the IntegrationServer\packages folder and you will see a link for the JDBC Adapter in the IS Administrator. If you don’t see those things, then you did not complete the installation correctly, most likely because you did not select the adapter during the installation process.


normally this would work this way, like it’s described in the jdbc adapters guide. during installation i’ve choosen all possible options (see picture) but i still dont have a jdbc package, not as a link on IS admininterface and not in the path “integrationserver/packages”.

There are two reasons that neither the Adapters section nor the JDBC Adapter specifically would appear in the components tree:

  1. You are installing from a installation image that does not contain any adapters. If so, the image should be recreated to include any licensed adapters
  2. If you are not installing from an image, then its possible that your company is not licensed for any adapter (highly unlikely) or that there is something wrong with your licensed products list. If so, send an inquiry email to “keymaster {at} webmethods {dot} com”.


I have downloaded the installer from advantage. i’m using webmethods for my diploma thesis, may be that could be the reason why there are possible resctrictions in case of licensing, i’ll ask my teacher…

thank you for the quick replies, i hope i can use your printscreen in my work