JDBC Adapter amp SQL Server Performance

We are in a POC using webMethods v. 6 for A2A processing. One of our tests is pulling SAP IDocs down to a SQL Server db and the performance is VERY poor. The facts are these: the SQL table is rather large (80 million rows), we have optimized the index (which helped, but results still not acceptable) and tried four different JDBC drivers. It is taking 4+ minutes to iterate through 50 dependent SAP segments with webMethods (it only takes 3 seconds with our current A2A tool which uses ODBC connections).

We suspect that the issue is with JDBC, but would like to hear from others who may have experienced similar results and how they were resolved.

Just after creating this post we found another web posting that indicated setting the sendStringParametersAsUnicode=false would fix the problem. We tried it and it worked. What took 4+ minutes now takes 2 seconds.

WMUsers members to the rescue once again!