JDBC Adapter 6.5 supports Oracle RDB?


One of our clients has got legacy system with OpenVMS and RDB which needs to be integrated with other systems connected through webMethods.

Does JDBC Adapter 6.5 Supports Oracle RDB?

Can we use JDBC Adapter 6.5 & CONNX JDBC Driver 4.1 to connect to RDB? Or Rdb JDBC Driver for Alpha/Itanium can be used?

We can write a Java Service. But that could be our last option.

Have you encountered/solved this issue before?


you can get the relevant jar and try driver : oracle.rdb.jdbc.rdb.Thin.Driver
Class you need fidn it sir :slight_smile:

We had a similar request last year. SAG’s response regarding a JDBC to RDB connection is below.

“Our customers of GCS implementation were successful in connecting to RDB (v7.2-321 on OpenVMS-Alpha v8.3). Unfortunately, we have not comes across successful results. There was only one customer who tried and was not able to connect. Sorry, that RDB (v7.2-321 on OpenVMS-Alpha v8.3) is not supported.”

I didn’t receive any information regarding the “customers of GCS” that were successful.

We are looking at an MQ Series solution instead. There maybe an option with a Java service, but very unlikely to be a viable solution in our environment.


Thank you Ken & Suresh!