JD Edwards Enterprise adapters amp XBPbs any experience

Hi gang.

I am working on a project and the customer is using JD Edwards (Peoplesoft) EnterpriseOne version 8.9 (aka. ERP 9). The integrations will be between CRM and ERP. It appears that we need to use the JD Edwards Enterprise (XPI) adapters (v 4.7) along with their pre-built XBP’s (eXtended Business Processes). Note: XBP’s are just Integration Components that come pre-built from JD Edwards to take care of various business processes (eg. Order Entry, Invoicing, etc…)

We will be using the Enterprise OneWorld and CRM adapters (v 4.7) with the EnterpriseOne 8.9 XBP’s.

We don’t plan on using the other XPI components (IS, Broker,etc…) since the customer has their own webMethods infrastructure. Note: JD Edwards bundles webMethods with their software and calls it Enterprise XPI Foundation.

Has anyone used these adapters and XBP’s before ?

Your feedback would really be appreciated.



Hi Wayne:

We are using the JDE OneWorld Adapter to connect a Payroll application to the JDE Accounting module. We are inserting the Data in the JDEdwards table and launch a business function.