JCoIDocServer timeout

I have a problem with JCoIDocServer.
I have java application to sending and reciving documents from sap system.
Is’s use com.sap.conn.idoc.jco.JCoIDocServer to reciving.

Everything work fine but after few hours application stop working.
We can still send documents but we can’t recive them.

I think it’s a configuration problem but I can’t find way to resolve it.

I sap I got “program TEST_Z02 not registered”.

Thanks for any help.

“program TEST_Z02 not registered”. this means there is no listener object available which can accept the IDOC from SAP.

It seems in SAP the RFC Destination used for this communication is “TEST_Z02”… How and where do you configure this parameter in ur JAVA Application. If you you try refreshing that component, your system will start receiving IDOCs from SAP.

You will see the same error in SAP if you try Connection test for the given RFC Destination.

Be aware when you send an IDOC to SAP it’s different than you receiving an IDOC from SAP.