JCE cannot authenticate the provider Crptix.Crypto issue

H All,

I am getting the error “JCE cannot authenticate the provider Crptix.Crypto” when I am trying to decrypt using a 16 or 32 bit key using AES 256.

It would be great help if someone could help me out with this.Also, Coul you please let me know where to keep the JCE policy file in the integration server and how to install it.I amusing wM 8.2 IS.

Thanks in advance!


Hi Nikhil,

I am not qute sure, if your request is understable without further informations.

Where do you get the error? IS-Server-Log?
Which JVM are you using?
For which OS?

Did you apply the latest SIN-, SSX- and SCG-Entrust-Fixes to your Environment?
Maybe some more Fixes like IS-Core etc. are needed to get this working.

For Oracle JVMs you can download the unlimited JCE from Oracle TechNet (if you are legally allowed to do so, depends on your country).

These files (US_export_policy.jar, local_policy.jar) are loacted under jre/lib/security folder where the jvm is installed.
Take a backup of these files and replace them with the unlimited version.

Shutdown IS.
Restart IS.


see this post:

apply unlimited policy file should solve the issue.