Any help on this task would be highly appreciated.




From the error, it looks like your code is passing an invalid file name to the parser. Somehow this text is getting garbled in your file name:






However, my question to you is: why are you using XSL transformation instead of using the built-in MAPping features of the webMethods Developer?

We used to do all of our transformations with XSL prior to webMethods, but now that we’ve been introduced to the mapping functionality of Developer, we’ll never go back.

There may be version collisions with the xalan and jars it uses with jars shipped with IS (some rolled in to client.jar).

See the webMethods XSLT Package, which has a version of XSLT processor with any incompatibilities resolved. I believe it supports 4.6 and 6.x.

Thanks guys. I am gonna use built-in Mapping features of the webMethods Developer.