Javaservice to flow service


Why don’t you provide a few more details. What is the purpose of this java service? Why do you think you need to convert it to a Flow service?


Hai Mark,
Basically the work i am doing is recreating packages from 4.x to 6.1.this is the java service in 4.x.i had to recreate in 6.1 using flow service.the puprose of this java service is getting a file from one directory and if the file is not .wrk ,it is renamed as .wrk and converting it into byte streams and load in to the server is started and the flow service is called .

Well, there’s no reason that the java service would not continue to work in 6.1.

However, you may find that using a file polling “port” is a better option. File polling ports monitor a file system folder for files matching a specified pattern, optionally move them to a working directory, send the contents of the file to a service and then move the file to a completed or error folder depending on the result of that service.