java.util.Date issue

WM Expert,

We are facing date time stamp issue in our higher environment where as while doing simple select adapter service from database Oracle 11g(ojdbc6.ajr) with Date field with column type Date JDBC Type Date Output Field Type java.util.Date and other field are by default

when we run select query in uat WM it’s show Date/time stamp for example as 11/22/1990 1:22:456 CST but incorrect date show as 11/22/1990 0:00:00 CST
date time stamp is changed to by default timestamp 0:00:00 CST, I can’t change my code logic in adapter service and use other output field type as there are 100 of services and code logic written with this type of date and utility used all across in env so have dependency.

Catch here is : We have same setup and same env in lower version and this Date + timestamp is populating correctly via select adapter service
We have compare lower & higher version extended setting, IS and JDBC fix level and compare all jars file but some where i believe we missing some thing in
our uat/higer version.

IS version 9.9 Database Oracle 11g and JDBC adapter 9.0 with Fix 8 Red hat linux server platform
IS_9.9_Core_TestPatch_PIE-44390_v2, IS_9.9_Core_TestPatch_PIE-44089_v1 and IS_9.9_Core_Fix6

I need quick fix, solution.

Note :

if i use different Date Output Field Type instead of java.util.Date it will work but we can’t update our code logic as it has been using in several applications and services so it’s took lots of efforts but our issue is same java.util.Date Output Field Type Date is working in lower env

We had a similar issue with the Date field not with Time stamp though in 9.9. Date retrieved from Select query using a SQL client was different than the one retrieved by wM. The Value retrieved from SQL Client was correct though.

We are on Fix10 and loading sqljdbc42.jar fixed the issue. So you can give a try with latest JDBC Fix and use the Correct Sql driver / jars (if possible). Again do regression test other interfaces that are impacted to make sure it doesn’t break any thing else. Let us know your results post fixing the issue. Thanks

I have run through forum and found few information like to update extended setting and restarted IS but still issue exist.

Can we have few expert from this forum to look into to this issue?


please upgrade your oracle jdbc .jar to ojdbc7.jar from Oracle 12c R1.

sqljdbc42.jar is a driver for MS SQL databases not Oracle.
Rajehs was reporting this for Oracle.

Currently latest Fix for JDBC Adapter 9.0 is Fix12.


We have similar issue in same IS where as one of our oracle data source for one of jdbc adapter connection is not getting enabled so to resolve this issue we have raise SR with sag support and as per their recommendation we have downgraded our ojdbc jar version from 7 to 6.

  • same ojdbc6.jar has implemented in all lower version to higher versions to sync up in all env but now with java.util.Date in adapter service we are facing issue in higher env but in lower env where ojdbc6.jar has added their we are not seeing similar issue


in this case we need to know the exact version number of the involved ojdc.jars.

This value can be found in the META-INF/MANIFEST.MF file inside the jar.



We have 2 Issues here in uat environment

Issue :

We have 2 stand alone IS with jdbc adapter so node A is working with ojdbc6/7.jar which mean ojdbc oracle data source adapter connection is getting enabled but node B when we tried with ojdbc7.jar it’s won’t allow us to enable only oracle data source connection but other data source is working fine But when we place ojdbc6.jar connection will enable and it’s working fine but inside adapter service where we are converting Date time stamp and pulling date value from database for java.util.Date we are getting different time stamp for example 03/04/2017 12.13.890 but it will display incorrect time stamp 03/04/2017 00.00.000 CDT

exact version is ojdbc7.jar inside WmJDBCAdapter/code/jars

Hi Rajesh,

sounds very strange meanwhile?

Please check the two nodes for differences in Fixes, Settings, jar-file versions.
Assuming both nodes are trying to connect to the same oracle version.