[Java] Simple ALA - problem with create


I’ve problem with implementing simple ALA service with Java.

I create BrokerClient joining to client group accessLabelAdapter and subscribe for document type Broker::ALA::lookup.

When second BrokerClient try to join to Test client group with option Access label required
on, ALA BrokerClient is disconnected with error message: Bad State (200-1003): There currently are no connected clients..
No event document is received by ALA.

Test BrokerClient error message is: Comm Failure (102-2050): Unable to open connection to host ‘xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx’. Error ‘java.lang.RuntimeException: java.net.ConnectException: Connection refused: connect’ was reported by the socket call..

When I connect ALA test application to other client group (which can subscribe Broker::ALA::lookup message) and manually send message to it everything is all right.

Please help me configure Broker and ALA application correctly.

There is some problem in Broker app (segmentation fault):
Sep 20 14:13:32 localhost kernel: awbroker[16946]: segfault at 18 ip 0000000000408bf2 sp 00007f2104a1e520 error 4 in awbroker[400000+540000]

Did you check with your network team as the error points to socket issue internal to your network?

Are you sure Broker Monitor/server with that port is up and running?..you can check the same via MWS Broker Administration Servers page:


When ALA (or test client created in MWS) is connected to client group “accessLabelAdapter” and try to connect with broker client requesting access label, broker application is crashing with segmentation fault.

Without ALA and when client group doesn’t require acess label everything works alright.

System logs:

I would suggest please contact SAG support ticket thru on this issue and they can assist you better.

Have you installed any core fixes recently on Broker 8.2.3?