Java Services

I have created Java classes for each JDBC driver.I want to know where these Java classes are stored?


Can you elobarate more on your query that what you are you trying to do?
Which version of WM are you working on.

I am working in WM 6.1 version i am simply using Insert query

Does anybody know what some of the causes would be to a

“ [ISS.0026.9102] Service ‘Service:strShow’ is not operational. To run this service, first recompile the Java source.”

response from a javaservice?


I’ve seen this when you deploy a java service to a new server that is using a different JVM or when a version of the service was saved with errors and then migrated. I think deploying to a target service from a source control system without running JCode may also do this.

The fix (as the message suggests) is to open one of the java services in the folder, change something (I usually add a space) and then save the service. This will either 1) work allowing your service to run again or 2) fail showing you where the compile error is located.

IS java services are methods in a class named with the name of the folder where the service is stored. The class is generated from a java file assembled from each java fragment in the folder. When the class won’t run (can’t be found, is found but invalid, is missing, etc.) you get this error. You need to do something (like saving a small change) to get Developer to reassemble and recompile the class.