Java services within SAPBC 46 wM 46

Hello everyone

Apologies in advance if you have already read this message on the OpenITX wM
forum; I do not know how large the member overlap is.

I have to connect a SAPBC 4.6 (based on wm 4.6) instance (running Java 1.2.2
009) to a Telerate Moneyline (was Bridge) server to access currency exchange
rates and other assorted data.

I have the Moneyline Java toolkit and I wondered if anyone has done this
integration and could point out anything to make my life simpler and also so
that I avoid falling in to the same traps that they might have been snared

The example code that I have is (names changed to protect the innocent)

m_loginRequest.serviceListener( this )

Now, I am not overly experienced with Java and when I save my service with
this line of code in it, I get a compile error where it is objecting to the
word “this” … the message contains the text “Undefined variable: this”

I have looked up the usage of “this” and my understanding is that it is a
reserved word that is used to refer to the current object. I have tried
replacing “this” with the class name that my service is in but that didn’t
work, nor did replacing it with my Java service name.

Can anyone help me with this issue? I have been told that it is because wM
will only handle static methods, not instantiated methods.

If this is the case, and I have no cause to doubt it, I am also concerned
that the supplied jar files for the API will use instantiated methods and
therefore not be runnable from SAPBC/wM.

Ta muchly

Squidely pop

Atholl (Canberra Australia)