java service

hi experts,

I am having a requirment, like i need to write a java service and after that i have to update that service into my utility package. Any clues

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Can you please eleborate little more about your problem?


I need towrite a java service, and how can i get that service into wm developer and i have to put that service in utility package.



You can write java service in webMethods Developer, you don’t have to use any other IDE for that. That being said writing java service should be your last resort, but there are exceptions. There are several posts on this forum about this topic. Could you tell us what function are you trying to perform using java service.

BTW check out “webMethods product overview and tutorial” in knowledgeBase -> White Papers section on this site. It will answer some of your basic questions about writing java service.

To write a Java service. right click on the folder in navigation panel under which you want to create java service. you will get option select new and then select Java service. It will create Java Service in that particular folder. Rename the Service and start coding :slight_smile:

To write Java service you can either write it in note pad or you can use IDE like Eclipse or NetBeans. In b/w webMethod can also generate code for you, but you have to make modification to this code as per your requirement.

If you can tell what actually you want to achieve by java service, may be we can help you in better passion.

To check the syntax and all you can refer to documentation.