Java Service

Hello All,
I am writing a Java service to parse the fields from a Oracle table into a custom flat file. As we do not have a schema, we have decided to write a Java service. Please send me a sample java service if possible.


If you are using IS6.x,you can create a flatfileschema based on the table results retrieved using JDBCAdapter or WmDB and ff layout as required using WmFlatFileAdapter (convertToString references FFschema to build a flatfile string) this option will be faster and easier.

Using JS parsing option its a tds work.

Can you elaborate more on your table and flatfile layout,so we can suggest if feisable.


Not having an XML schema is not really a good reason to start writing Java code. The vast majority of IS services I’ve ever written/used/seen don’t use or reference XML schemas.

Using the JDBC Adapter and the Flat-file Adapter you can easily do what’s needed without resorting to writing Java. Read the docs for both of those and you’ll find plenty of info and samples. If after going through those you find you still have questions (or the desire to write Java still remains) then post your questions here.