Java Service How can i introduce a class in a java service


I can not compile a java service.
The situation is i have to use a class where was created in other folder.
The structure in my Developer its:

–> localhost:5555

  1. Default
  2. MyPackage
    2.1 Folder_01
    2.1.1 JavaService_Folder01
    2.2 Folder_02
    2.2.1 JavaService_Folder02
  3. SAP
  4. WmDB
  5. etc

In the Folder_01, i created a class.
Now, i have to create a new java service (folder_02) that use a class created in the folder_01.

How can i indicate this class in my new java service ???

Thanks so much …


What version of JDK are you running? I seem to remember that there are issues with later versions and they might be causing your problem. Look in the InstallationGuide.pdf and it explains this in detail.

From the Installation Guide:
For example, the following is valid:

-> Java Service1
-> Java Service2
-> FolderB
–> Flow Service1
–> Flow Service2

However, all Java services in the FolderA hierarchy must be directly under FolderA; no Java services may be defined within FolderB (or all Java services must be moved to FolderB). Note that you can successfully add a Java service to FolderB; however, thereafter, changes to services in FolderA will not compile.

Again, these restrictions apply only if your server is using JDK 1.3.x to compile Java services. You can further use the JDK 1.3.x as a runtime environment."

Hope that this helps



When you create a class in a java service, Developer create a file .class.

If you need use a class in other java service (or package), only put or indicate the file .class in the shared tab (section import)