Java Process Dying on Ver 4.6 with no message

Hi - We just upgraded production to version 4.6 with Sun Java 1.3.1_07 (47.0). We had no problems in 2 months of testing, but after 1 week in prod we’ve had 2 instances where the base Java service died without any messages or discernable reason. Everything seemed OK until it failed. I could not tie the failure to any particular action.

Anyone encounter anything like this? Any suggestions on how I could determine the cause of this?

Thanks much in advance for any help or tips that can be provided!

I’ve seen it happen… I feel your pain. Make sure you start the server as nohup ./ -port 1234 & - for some reason when I start integration servers w/o the nohup and log out of a sun box they can crash at some random interval.

Also I’ve gotten many a core dump. I’ve been advised by both webmethods and sun to upgrade to the latest 1.3.1 jvm which is 1.3.1_08. So far so good ( since 1.4 isn’t “approved” by webMethods ). Also found out that our integration servers were locking up w/ no apparent reason and we were unable to kill them with ‘kill -9 pid’. This was due to a sun NFS bug. We mounted our NFS drives differently and all was well. Who knows what’s next