Hello All,

I am facing a strange issue for my server.
I have updated the following properties for my IS and still i get GC related exceptions as this is not updating the max java memory.

Properties changed:
set JAVA_MIN_MEM=1024M
set JAVA_MAX_MEM=2048M

MIN_MEM was 512M and MAX_MEM was 1024M

is there any thing else that needs to be updated apart from this?


Can you share more details.
Which version ?
Is it a new installation ?
which OS ?
After doing the changes,did you give a server restart ?
What’s the avg load on the server ?
In which environment are you facing this issue ?
Did you take memory dump and observe any strange things ?


It is an old installation with Version 9.0x on Windows7 OS.
Restarted server aswell and we are facing this in dev env.

Copy paste the error here.

Is your IS running as a service or as an application.

If it is running as a service, you will have to call in a command prompt window to update the service settings in the registry.

Restart the service afterwards.

See IS Administrators Guide for the detailed syntax for this call.

If this does not help provide us the error as Mahesh had already requested.


If you are getting GC related errors, the cause is memory is being filled fully. As others suggested, you need to first check if whatever you have allocated has been properly set to the running jvm… If 2GB has been allocated as per your configuration, next you need to identify what is filling the memory quickly… Do you see a constant increase in the consumption of memory? You can introduce few jvm related parameters to enable CMS which will clear objects frequently, which eventually bring down the frequency of full GC…

Just a restart for GC related exceptions is not going to help without identifying the root cause…


which file you making these changes?

if you have installed IS as service then you have to make changes in wrapper.conf under profiles/IS folder.

if you are making changes in file under IntegrationServer/bin then you have to delete Windows service and add it again to make these changes effective.

check this link


Thanks Mangat :slight_smile:

I was facing couple of issues here…

firstly was the updation of wrapper.conf in profiles/IS folder.
secondly there were couple of java instances running on same machine because of which server details were not getting updated.

Issue is resolved now :slight_smile:

Thank you all for your valuable comments

Can you share what steps you followed to resolve the issues so that it will be helpful to others.


You do not (and should not) have to update the wrapper.conf file directly. As Holger suggested, you simply have to call server.bat from the command line and it will update the Windows registry entries. E.g.:

server.bat -service sagis96_2.default


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