java.lang.RuntimeException: java.lang.NumberFormatException: For input string: ""

Hi guys,
I’m getting this exception in a flow service but can’t understand why.
It happens only when there are concurrent threads running for the same service (production scenario)
I’ve tried to replicate the scenario running twice the same service (from the development environment) and that’s the case… it happens …

Now… I was thinking about thread safety, and I replaced each call to the addObject function with (objectToString + addint), avoiding the use of the NumberFormat.parse() method, but nothing’s changing.

Does anyone have a clue about it? Could you suggest some technics to acquire more information for this error (log, audit etc… )?

Thank you very much

This has definately got to do with the way you have coded the service. Can you please let me know what is this service do and what is the locale behind using multi threading. Also is this a JAVA service?

can you please provide your server logs to further lookinto the issue.