closed by remote host


we are using IS 6.1 and we are sending XML in base64Encoded through SOAP Http service to our partner system(Microsoft IIS)… and all went fine and after sending 100 files nearly we got the following error message and this is repeating for a file in every 100 or 200 or even more files… Connection closed by remote host

when we tried to send the rejected file again by deleting some tags and or by adding some tags it is working fine i.e… the file is reaching the Partner system…

please help me out in this issue as soon as possible…

thanks in advance

Hi Friends,

We too face the same issue…
We connect from webmethods 6.1 to IIS server, and post by HTTPS.
it goes through fine, but inbetween every 10 - 20 messages of successful transmission we get an error as below… Connection closed by remote host.

but on retry it goes through fine, and sometimes we need to retry many times…

Do we need to add any patches on the wM to resolve this, anyone please help…



I am facing the same issue. Soon after i get the mesage that the document is being posted to the remote machine, i get the following message: webMethods LogMessage Server connection error - Connection closed by remote host.
I am not even getting the 200 OK response back. Please help!!!

I am facing this issue from a different angle… I have a client posting to me using WebMethods. They are randomly experiencing this exact issue. Has anyone determined what is causing it?

You could try setting watt.server.keepAliveTimeout to a larger value (default is 15 ms).

Hi All

I am facing the same issue now. I am using webMethods 6.1 and am connecting to IIS 6.0 through https. After the successful handshake is get the error : Connection closed by remote host.
… i tried setting the property watt.server.keepAliveTimeout but it didnot help…

Can anybody please help me how did you resolve this issue.

Thanks in advance

Ufff I vaerly remember that error, and it was due incorrect implementation on IIS side handling HTTPS.

I think the solution was to use option loadAs=stream and maybe there was a fix.

I think 6.5 had same issue before the SP’s, maybe you could contact support saying yo have IS 6.5 and get solution.

I’m sorry but my memory is getting worse and worse each day :smiley:

This is the response from webmethods

Not a webmethods issue.

Some HTTPS Servers (IIS Server in your case) don’t close the SSL Layer properly. This can result in empty messages or EOFException when the client (IS) reads from the stream

A normal SSL shutdown should be something like this:
—ssl_debug(1): Received alert message: Alert Warning: close notify
—ssl_debug(1): Shutting down SSL layer…

When the server doesn’t shut down properly, the client shows: —ssl_debug(2): Exception reading SSL message: Connection closed by remote host.
—ssl_debug(2): Shutting down SSL layer…

To resolve:

o Best is to fix/patch the server (IIS). (as that’s the root-cause of the problem.)
o Or, we created a fix/workaround for this: use the byteArrayStream in any of these fixes/SPs IS_6-1_SP1_Fix12 IS_6-1_SP2
o Or, when reading in a stream in a java services threat the EOFException as the end of the stream.

Hello everyone,

I am getting the same error when I am posting an XML to a trading partner. The trading partner is not able to see any transaction hitting them.

Please let me know what might be causing the issue.


Hi I am also facing the issue. The issue is intermittent, and the requests passes through the 2nd time it is attempted. Here we are trying to do a https post to an external server.

Has anyone tried the workaround suggested by sumitkhapli??

we are also getting issue. the only thing that change is a new cert that we installed. but since the handshake was good initially, we are not sure why this would go EOF. issue is constant.

our partner (server) says they send a complete response. and have no idea why we see this error.

was looking at in on a SSL protocol level. seem we are communicating via TLSv1. but we know for a fact that our partners can only go into our server w/ SSLv3. not sure if this is related.