Java error IDoc to BC via ALEtRFC

Greetings, everyone.

I am building an SAP IDoc -> XML interface using SAP business connector. I have configured SAP to send IDocs to BC. I have also completed routing rule settings in BC to accept the inbound IDoc.

However, when I send the IDoc to BC using tRFC, the following Java error is posted:

FYI - 0A0402961140408484EB0884 is the transaction ID… packages/WmPartners/pub/mailbox/UNKNOWN/UNKNOWN/0A0402961140408484EB0884.values (A file or directory in the path name does not exist.) at wm.PartnerMgr.xtn.admin.viewAs( at java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke(Native Method) at Code)) at Code)) at Code)) at at Code)) at Code)) at

I’ve tweaked the heck out the BC configuration in an attempt to resolve this error - with no luck. I’m fresh out of ideas. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Hi Chad
I have the same problem. However, I think it´s something in the SAP configuration. I think it because I have another IDOCs doing well, I´m getting that exception just to INVOIC idoc.
Have you some news about the problem?


Check this thread if it helps,same problem receiving INVOIC idoc into BC.



What is the error message you see in SAP SM58?

Depending on the specific error you could try

(1) recreating the INVOIC routing rule: by deleting the current entry, reprocessing the IDOC from SM58 to recreate the routing rule stub, then editing the routing rule stub with the correct IS service name, or

(2) cleaning up the message store - either purging the entries (search for message store in the SAP Adapter users guide), or deleting the header data by deleting xtn.log and xtn_audit.log in \WmPartners\config.

Hi Fabiano.

The cause of my problem was that the SAP user ID that was configured in BC to communicate with SAP did not have the necessary authorizations attached to it. Once the authorizations for this ID were changed, the problem was resolved. I don’t know which specific authorizations were required, but I ended up creating a CPIC ID with SAP ALL for this purpose.

We actually just went live with our first two IDoc->XML interfaces a few weeks ago, and everything is running well so far.

Hope this helps.

Hi Chad!
You were right. It was a authorization problem. The user that BC was using to connect SAP hadn´t the necessary rights to “receive” the IDoc.
Thank you,