Java client that invokes webmethods service hangs

Java client that was generated from developer is able to invoke webmethods service provided if the service execution completes within 2.5hours. If it takes more time say 3 hrs the java client program just hangs and doesn’t throw any error or exception. In webmethods side service ended successfully after 3 hrs. Any idea where the problem is? I am able to see the java client session being opened in webmethods even after the job exceution at webmethods have completed.
Any help? :x


If this is IS7.1, then I would recommend using wm-isclient.jar from the patch IS_7.1.2_CL_Fix7. I have seen a problem whereby a Java client calls an IS which runs successfully but the connection is not really properly closed and kept alive which means the Java client program never ends. Using wm-isclient.jar from this patch fixes that problem. So I would recommend doing this anyway regardless.

If that doesn’t fix the problem then you will probably need to raise a support incident via