J_security_check in JSP for IS 6

We want to write a custom login page for an application hosted on IS 6.
We refered to the JSP developer guide and created the relevant login.jsp as specified.
However, the j_security_check requires the user to be validated against webmethods native users. We want to validate against a separate user list (say a Oracle DB based user/password check).
Is this possible with Integration Server 6 ?


Lade Harish,
Is this possible -yes, but it will be more involved and not quite documented.

Search wMUSers and/or advantage for “Authentication Module”; If you don’t find the guide yet, call up webM Support to provide the “Authentication Module” guide which lists all the steps needs to write your own “custom authentication module”.

Best of Luck,

PS: If you are not able to get hold of the guide, let me know. I may have to search my archives on the CD to find that one!

Hi Saurabh,

Can u please mail me the pdf that contains info on building custom authentication module, I’m not able to get the document from advantage site.

Thanks in advance,